Training Videos

Introduction to KolAi Designer Version 2.0

With Version 2.0, KolAi Designer is now a complete system for denim laser design. See an overview at the video below or read more details here:

Kyle, the CEO of KolAi, introduces you to version 2.0 and shows how to make an excellent base design in about a minute with only a few clicks.

Aydin, our laser expert, shows how you can pre-process an image before sending it to the AI to improve your base design.

After creating your base design with the AI, you can use our suite of design tools and automations to retouch and alter your design as much as you like. In this video, our laser expert Aydin shows you some of the possibilities.

Often, after running tests with your laser machine, you will need to make edits to your design. In this video, our laser expert Aydin shows how you can re-open your designs in KolAi Designer and make further edits.